Travel & Accommodation

The Event Centre for KEX 2016 with Secretariat and Reception will be in Björkliden, ca 100 km northwest of Kiruna. You can make use of our collaboration agreement for travel between Kiruna and Björkliden, as well as for accommodation and meals. Note that the start and finish for the event are not in Björkliden. The organisers arrange transport to the start from Björkliden and from the finish back to Björkliden. This transport is included in the entry fee.

Björkliden Fjällby offers discounted accommodation and meals. All prices and information about booking are found on Björkliden Fjällby's web site.

Visit Abisko offers special prices for transfers between Kiruna and Björkliden. The special price for competitors is 325 SEK one-way and 600 SEK for a round trip. Book your transfer
Please visit Kiruna Lapland's web page for more accommodation tips.

Tourist Information

Please visit Kiruna Lapland's web page for tips on how to get to Kiruna and Björkliden and for information on accommodation and activities in the area.

Additional information