Competition rules


  • Each competititor is responsible for getting information about and following the rules that are given by the competition organisation here or on the official bulletin boards during the competition.


  • Participation is at your own risk.


  • Entry and payment can be done at this link:
  • Payment is binding. We recommend insurance such as the Swedish Startklar (
  • Change of team information such as class can be done up to the day before the start.
  • Minimum age is 18 years.
  • For the distance Medium the minimum age is 16 years with written confirmation by parent or guardian. The sum of the ages must then be 36 years.
  • If the competition organiser makes the decision to cancel the event 75% of the fee will be refunded.
  • In case of force majeure none of the fee will be refunded.

Teams and classes

  • A team consists of two people in the chosen distance in the classes Men, Women and Mix.

  • The distances in the competition are labelled Medium, Large and Extreme as per the table below.


Course length as the crow flies



25 to 35 Km

1500 to 3000 m


50 to 60 km

3000 to 5000 m


70 to 90 km

4000 to 6000 m

Recreational class

Teams which do not complete the course on Day 1 can start in a recreational class
on Day 2.

  • Teams which exceed the maximum time.
  • Teams which do not finish on Day 1.
  • New teams can be formed in the overnight camp.
  • The organisers have the right to place teams in a recreational class.
  • It is not possible to enter the recreational class in advance.


  • Teams must be able to show all obligatory equipment if requested during the event and at the finish.

  • All equipment shall be carried round the whole course and to the controls.

Remember that the event takes place in mountainous terrain and that the weather can change rapidly. Do not economise on equipment and food. Use your common sense!

Obligatory personal equipment

(a minimum requirement for safety reasons)

  • Map and plastic map bag (provided by the organisers).
  • 2 race numbers, provided by the organisers (the whole of the race number must be visible, with no advertising folded under).
  • SportIdent e-card (provided by the organisers or one's own).
  • Strap to fasten the SI-card (provided by the organisers).          
  • Compass.
  • Sleeping mat. At least 5 mm thick and long enough to cover the back from the neck to the crotch. Self-inflating sleeping mats are permitted. Sleeping mats with balloons/air bubbles and air mattresses are not permitted.
  • Sleeping bag, not a sleeping bag cover.
  • Warm hat (headbands and buffs not permitted).
  • Gloves or mittens.
  • Warm upper layer, minimum 200 gm. E.g. down, fleece or wool. Vests not permitted.
  • A dry change of long underwear.
  • Windproof trousers.
  • Wind- and waterproof jacket with hood. Rain capes are not permitted.
  • Whistle.

Obligatory team equipment

  • Stove and fuel (enough to be able to boil a litre of cold water on the stove in question at the finish).

  • First aid kit containing: elastic bandage (at least 2 metres long x 8 cm wide, self-adhesive recommended) as well as sterile gauze bandage with compression pad.

  • Tent. The tent shall have room for two people and their packs, be waterproof and have floor, roof and walls. A tent consisting solely of mosquito netting in any part is not permitted.

  • Waterproof pen for possible course changes.

Recommended equipment

Note that the competition takes place in mountainous terrain and that the weather can change rapidly. Do not economise on equipment and food. Use your common sense!


  • The controls are to be visited in the correct order.

  • Both team members shall punch the control (a maximum of 15 seconds is allowed between the two).

  • The competitors are responsible for ensuring that they have the correct SportIdent e-cards (check in the start list).

  • The SportIdent e-card shall be worn on the wrist, shall be in position prior to the start and may not be removed until after the event.

  • The final result is based on the total time plus any time penalty.

  • Any time penalty is added to the time at the finish.

  • The maximum time for the event will be given in the competition PM.

  • It is not permitted to use electronic equipment for navigation. A GPS without a display may be worn visibly, all others shall be carried in a sealed bag in the pack. This includes even telephones with GPS and e.g. Garmin Forerunner 305, 405 or similar.

  • Barometric altimeters are permitted.
  • Dogs are not permitted to accompany competitors.

The team's responsibility

  • The team may not accept external help except in an emergency.

  • The team must stay together during the whole event. Maximum 15 seconds apart.
  • The team must follow the instructions of race officials.
  • If the team pulls out of the competition, it must report this to the nearest race official. It is not permitted for one member of the team to continue alone.

  • In case of an accident the teammate should give first aid and call for help.

  • The team is responsible for aiding another team which needs help in case of injury or other danger.

  • The team may not leave the overnight camp between finishing Day 1 and starting Day 2.

  • The team shall hang a race number in a clearly-visible position on its tent in the overnight camp.

  • Consideration shall be shown to other teams in the overnight camp.

  • In the overnight camp the marked places for toilets, washing and fetching drinking water shall be used.

  • Leaving rubbish is absolutely forbidden. Everything that the team takes into the mountains shall also be taken home! For example food packaging, gas canisters, dirty socks etc. This will be checked at the finish.

Disqualification/time penalties/refund of entry fees

The team can be disqualified during the course of the event. If the team is disqualified no refund of entry fees will be received.

A team can be disqualified if:

  • The team misses out a control or takes controls in the wrong order.

  • The team fails to follow the instructions of the race officials.

  • The team fails to stay together. For example if the time difference between punches at the same control is more than 5 minutes or if observed by race officials.

  • The team does not follow those rules set out before or during the competition.

  • SportIdent e-card is lost (Loss of an e-card supplied by the organisers will cost 600 SEK).

  • Something not previously foreseen by the competition organisers but which is deemed so serious that it shall result in disqualification.

Time penalties

A team will receive a time penalty if any of the obligatory equipment is lacking or is not up to standard. The time penalty is 30 minutes per piece of missing personal equipment and 60 minutes per missing piece of team equipment (except for the pen which gives 30 minutes).

A team whose time difference between punches at the same control is more than 15 seconds will receive a time penalty of 1 minute per second up to 5 minutes when the team will instead be disqualified.


Protests are handed in in writing to the competition jury no later than 30 minutes after finishing.

The competition organisation's rights (Jury)

The competition organisers have the right to:

  • Decide which teams may participate.

  • Disqualify teams.

  • Change the course.

  • Stop, change or postpone the competition on account of weather conditions.

  • Deal with protests and after have heard all those involved, make a final and binding decision.

  • Remove teams from the course even before the maximum time has been exceeded.

  • Cancell the event if too few teams are entered.

  • Combine classes if too few teams are entered.

  • Include more teams than the maximum advertised number of entries.

Additional information